What is 6y short for?


You might describe someone as "6y" when texting or messaging online if you think they are attractive. The 6 and the "y" together make the word "sexy."

For example, if you think your new neighbor is hot, you might text your friend, "Dude, my new neighbor is 6y!" Or, if you are crushing on Chris Hemsworth, you might say, "Thor was great, but I couldn't focus on the movie bc Chris is too 6y!"

Some people also use "y" as an abbreviation for years when talking about someone's age, so be careful when interpreting 6y because they may be talking about their 6-year-old child. If misinterpreted, it would be very awkward.


Do my new moon boots look 6y?
Fo sho!

Those 6y eyes

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Updated July 5, 2022

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