What does NBJF stand for?

No brag, just fact

Kewl kids who are totally not bragging use NBJF to mean "no brag, just fact." This person is definitely not rubbing their accomplishments in your face. Instead, they're just stating simple, irrefutable, humble facts (that happen to make them look good).

In case you missed the sarcasm above, NBJF is typically used by people who absolutely are bragging. In fact, NBJF is actually a way of bragging even harder, by stating that a boast is "just true, sorry." Thus, if someone's use of NBJF infuriates you, guess what? It was likely meant to.


You know, my team has beaten yours 9 out of the last 10 games ... NBJF
Dude, that is bragging. That is like textbook bragging

How most people feel when they see NBJF in a message

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Updated July 10, 2023

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