What does ohemgee mean?

Oh my gosh

Ohemgee is a phonetic way of writing "OMG," which stands for "oh my gosh." It is typically used to communicate surprise, excitement, or astonishment in a more playful and emphasized way than OMG.

Where did ohemgee come from?

There is no clear origin for the term, but it gained popularity in the early-2000s. People, especially teens, began using it in online chatrooms as the Internet became more prevalent and in text messages as mobile phones gained prominence.

When do I use ohemgee?

You can use ohemgee whenever you are surprised or overwhelmed with glee. For example, when a friend surprises you with tickets to a concert by your favorite band, you could react with "ohemgee!"

Be judicious when using it because some people may be annoyed that you didn't just use OMG or they may think it's too juvenile for adults to use. Some people also prefer to spell it as "oh em gee," to add more emphasis.


Ohemgee, that was cray zee!

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Updated June 16, 2021

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