What does OMG stand for?

Oh my gosh

OMG is a popular exclamation that indicates surprise, excitement, or disgust. It is used in various types of digital communication, such as text messages, emails, online messaging, and social media.

OMG is one of the oldest and most common conversational acronyms. It gained popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s as the Internet became more prevalent and mobile phone usage increased.

The abbreviation is still used by people across all age groups but most often by teenagers. OMG has also spawned many variations, including ohemgee, ermahgerd, OMFG, and ZOMG.

People typically use OMG when reacting to something that is astonishing ("OMG! I can't believe that happened!") or really cool and exciting ("I can't believe Scott asked you out, OMG!"). Or something is gross and possibly gag-inducing, prompting an OMG reaction ("His leg just snapped. OMG, I'm gonna barf!").


OMG, did you really talk on the phone for over five hours?

That OMG feeling

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Updated June 16, 2021

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