What does oldilocks mean?

Questionable hairstyle on an older person

Oldilocks is a hairstyle on an older person (senior citizen range) that is exceptionally unflattering or just plain ugly. It comes from the famous Goldilocks fairy tale character but replaces "gold" with "old."

An example of oldilocks is a horrible comb-over attempting to cover up a sizeable bald sport with six strands of hair. Another example is a man with a mullet or ponytail that has experienced considerable hair loss.

Women aren't immune to oldilocks, either. For example, a woman may still have a long hairstyle, although her hair has become somewhat stringy.


Check out oldilocks near the door
Yikes. he needs to say goodbye to that ponytail with some clippers real quick

Comb-over is prime oldilocks

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Updated February 22, 2023

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