Silver Fox

What is a silver fox?

An attractive older man

A silver fox is a handsome, older man who has silver or graying hair. In addition to being mansome, silver foxes tend to be composed, fashionable individuals, who have aged like a fine wine.

Where did the term silver fox originate?

Actual silver foxes are a distinguished-looking, melanistic variant of the more common red fox. Because these animals are so athletic, clever, and eye-catching, and because older men's hair resembles a silver fox's when well-groomed, the term silver fox became a popular way to refer to a desirable silver-haired man.

Who are some example silver foxes?

Social media users love to say that certain older male celebrities are silver foxes. At the time of this writing, you could likely refer to George Clooney, Anderson Cooper, Barack Obama, Jeff Goldblum, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as silver foxes, and most people would agree with you.

Can a woman be a silver fox?

Yes, though the term is not often applied to women (maybe because their hair is often too long to resemble a fox's). You may hear attractive, silver-haired older women referred to as silver vixens, though that term is much less popular than silver fox.


You can tell Edmund's been taking care of himself lately. He's turning into a total silver fox in his old age
A Twitter user who believes LeVar Burton is a silver fox
A Twitter user who believes LeVar Burton is a silver fox

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Updated July 29, 2021

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