What does OMFGYASB stand for?

Oh my freaking gosh, you're a sexy beast


When you really want to flatter someone, you can send OMFGYASB to them. However, since it is so over-the-top, it may be received sarcastically.

There are many occasions when you would send OMFGYASB in a text message or post it online, like on a social site or when gaming. A person may achieve an incredible feat in a game, may do something really kind in real life, or may post a video on Twitter showing an impressive sports highlight. Or a person may just look really attractive.

Be careful who you use it with because it's a long and obscure acronym that will probably confuse most people. Also, the recipient may take offense to it because the "F" may stand for "F***ing" and the "B" may stand for "B****."


OMFGYASB with that dress on!

That OMFGYASB reaction

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Updated March 9, 2021

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