What does OMFGAZ stand for online and in messages?

Oh my freaking gosh and zounds


OMFGAZ is an extension of OMFG that adds "AZ" ("and zounds"), which is meant to emphasize surprise. For example, you may share a shocking video online of a woman doing 20 backflips in a row off a cliff and caption it with "OMFGAZ!"

While OMG is one of the most recognized acronyms, OMFGAZ is obscure. For most people, OMFG does the trick to add astonishment, excitement, or extreme disappointment. If you encounter OMFGZ, it will likely be online (especially on social media) or in messages (texts or online).

OMFGAZ is just one of many OMG variations in messages and online. Some others include OMGD, ZOMG, and OMGN.


Did you see that buzzer-beater last night? OMFGAZ, that was crazy!
It blew my mind!

That OMFGAZ face

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Updated March 20, 2023

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