What does OOYFM stand for?

Out of your freaking mind


OOYFM is an acronym that stands for "Out of your freaking mind," which is another way of saying, "You're crazy!" The acronym is often used online or in text messages to react to someone who says or does something insane.

The acronym comes from the "Out of your freaking mind" phrase that is typically said out loud. It comes from the idea that being outside of your mind means that you no longer have access to your sanity.

While OOYFM is helpful for reducing characters when space is limited, it is rather obscure so it should only be used with people who have used it previously or else there will be a lot of confusion. The "F" in the acronym may also stand for the more vulgar "F******" instead of "Freaking."


Are you OOYFM?

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Updated October 7, 2019

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