What does OTTOMH mean?

Off the top of my head

Off the top of my head (OTTOMH) is a phrase that means a person hasn't given much thought to the matter. For example, a person may respond to a question in an online message with, "OTTOMH, I can only think of 2 issues with the solution."

The phrase comes from the idea that if you could dig deeper into your head, you could come up with a better thought-out answer instead of the more simplistic one sitting on the top of your head. People typically use it when blindsided by a question or demand for an answer.

This often happens in work environments with a fast pace that requires people to think quickly on their feet. While many people use the full expression in person, slang-savvy people also use it in texts, online messages, emails, and social media, especially during discussions.


I can't come up with any ideas OTTOMH
OTTOMH tweet
OTTOMH tweet

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Updated February 28, 2022

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