What does p911 mean?

Parent alert!

p911 is an alert that notifies the recipient that a parent is near the device and can see/hear their interaction, so they better be careful what they send. The term comes from the combination of "p," which stands for "parent," and 911, which is the number called during emergencies.

As kids and teens use phones and the Internet to message others, their parents typically monitor the content they are accessing. They may be literally standing behind their kids watching them while they are online or texting another person.

To alert someone that this is happening they may send the "p911" message to the recipient so they don't send something inappropriate that could get them in trouble. p911 is just one of many codes to alert the presence of a parental unit. Others include 9, 99, CD9, and CD99.


BTW, p911

Code red, p911!

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Updated December 8, 2021

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