1. What does POS stand for?

Piece of s***


When someone is fed up with something, they might call that thing a POS. Most often, people use this crass acronym to compare someone else (who they dislike) to a portion of poo.

While using POS instead of the phrase "piece of s***" technically avoids swearing, it still isn't very nice. So if you're ever tempted to use this acronym yourself, you should probably reconsider.


That POS keeps sniping me from the top of the building.

TMW your friend's being a real POS

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Updated March 7, 2023
2. What does POS stand for?

Parent over shoulder

POS stands for parent over shoulder, which is meant to alert a person that your father or mother is watching. The acronym may be used when chatting online or texting.

The POS acronym is part of a collection of acronyms, abbreviations, and terms that are used as code by teenagers. The acronym is similar to NSFW, which is used to alert people when Internet content is not appropriate for the workplace.


Just so you know, POS right now.
POS means
POS means Parent over shoulder

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Updated July 29, 2016
3. What does POS stand for?

Point of service

An acronym often seen in the context health care to represent the plan that allows the member to pay lower coinsurance or copayment if he or she remains within the established HMO system; still allows members to receive services from other documents but with higher deductibles and copayments.


If you don't mined staying within a specific HMO system, the POS plan is a great option.

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Updated March 11, 2015
4. What does POS stand for?

Power of suggestion

Influencers and creepers may use POS to stand for "power of suggestion." Those who believe in the power of suggestion believe their suggestions can influence others' actions. And in many cases, the suggesters are right.

For example, suppose you were told you were hungry, and that a delicious ice cream sundae would really hit the spot. You might begin to imagine how the sundae's fudge melts and blends with its ice cream, and how sweet the combination tastes.

If you now want an ice cream sundae, you are vulnerable to the POS - as are most people.


If you all keep telling him to come, by POS, he might change his mind.

A girl who belives in the POS

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Updated August 26, 2021

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