Peep has 2 meanings
1. What does peep mean?


A slang word that refers to a friend and is an abbreviation of "people."

The term is one more way of describing your squad or crew but actually predates those terms. It is commonly used to describe the friend that falls between an acquaintance and a bestie.


Where my peeps at?

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Updated January 28, 2016
2. What does peep mean?

To look at

A term that describes when a person looks at something or someone.

The most common use of peep occurs with the "peeping tom" phrase that describes a person, usually male, who spies on a person, usually female, changing clothes. The term can be used in more innocent situations, such as looking at a paper to provide feedback or looking for an answer in a textbook.


Hey, can you peep over the fence to see if the dog is in the backyard?

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Updated January 20, 2016

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