What does PPE stand for in healthcare?

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is an acronym that stands for "Personal Protective Equipment," which is typically used by healthcare workers to protect themselves when administering care. The acronym may refer to various pieces of equipment, such as facemasks, gowns, respirators, and ventilators.

PPE is used to protect against various hazards, such as contagious patients and dangerous substances or medications. The acronym is primarily used by workers who are in the healthcare industry, particularly, nurses, doctors, and surgeons. However, normal civilians may hear and use the acronym more often during a health crisis, like when the 2019-20 COVID-19 pandemic went global.


It's cool how the local brewery stopped packing bottles and began manufacturing PPE for COVID-19
A heathcare worker utilizing PPE
A heathcare worker utilizing PPE

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Updated April 16, 2020

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