Health Slang

The healthcare industry is full of slang terms. Some acronyms and abbreviations are specialized medical terms, while others are used in everyday discussions about nutrition and fitness. Even if you're not a doctor or a nurse, many of the terms below are good to know.

Slang Term Meaning Votes
Anti-vaxxerA person who opposes vaccines
STDSexually transmitted disease
ICUIntensive care unit
DMDoctor of Medicine
CPRCardiopulmonary resuscitation
ADDAttention deficit disorder
ACLAnterior cruciate ligament
HIVHuman immunodeficiency virus
RNRegistered nurse
Snapback culturePressure on new moms to snap back to their pre-pregnancy bodies
PTSDPost-traumatic stress disorder
AIDSAcquired immune deficiency syndrome
STISexually transmitted infection
EMTEmergency medical technician
CHFCongestive heart failure
BMBowel movement
PPEPersonal Protective Equipment
AMAAgainst medical advice
PFOPissed and fell over
SOBShortness of breath
SIDSSudden infant death syndrome
OIOpportunistic infection
OBGYNObstetrics and gynecology
OBGObstetrics and gynecology
IVFIn Vitro Fertilization
AMAAmerican Medical Association
MDMedical doctor
DNRDo not resuscitate
FDAFood and Drug Administration
APSAdult protective services
ARFAcute renal failure
POSPoint of service
Long-haulerA person suffering long-term effects from COVID-19
Fauci OuchieCOVID-19 vaccine
Perc30Oxycodone, commonly mixed with fentanyl
GOMERGet Out of My Emergency Room
Thumb dayWhen you browse your phone incessantly at the gym
Chub rubChafing where your thighs rub together
CAFOConcentrated Animal Feeding Operation
FluronaHaving both the flu and covid
TwindemicA dual pandemic
ACVApple cider vinegar
HWPHeight weight proportionate
OTCOver the counter
OOPOut of pocket
PEDPerformance enhancing drug
HGHHuman growth hormone
ADHDAttention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder
ENTEar, nose, and throat specialist
BLSBasic life support
ALSAdvanced life support
ANDAllow natural death
EHRElectronic health record
EOBExplanation of benefits
BIDTwice a day
FitspirationInpiration to be fit
Fire thighsThighs inflamed from chafing
ROMRange of motion
BDDBody dysmorphic disorder
DeltaCOVID-19 Delta variant
OmicronCOVID-19 Omicron variant
Long COVIDLong-term COVID-19 symptoms
Never CovidA person exposed to but uninfected by COVID-19
F2MFemale to male
NoPooNo shampoo
CGMCurly girl method
Co WashingConditioner-only washing
Pro-anaPro anorexia
ThinspirationInspiration to be thin
ppdPostpartum depression
EREmergency room
CADCoronary artery disease
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
WHOWorld Health Organization
LDLLow-density lipoprotein
ACLSAdvanced cardiac life support
AEDAutomated external defibrillator
DNIDo not intubate
USFDAUnited States Food and Drug Administration
ALOSAverage length of stay
AMIAcute myocardial infarction
ARIAcute respiratory infection
CICUCardiac intensive care unit
TCUTransitional care unit
STELShort term exposure limit
FPLFederal poverty level
AAAApply to affected area
EDEating disorder
IFIntermittent fasting
FTMFemale to male
GSMGender and sexuality minority
MTFMale to female
M2FMale to female
DSABDesignated sex at birth
AFABAssigned female at birth
AMABAssigned male at birth
SOGISexual orientation and gender identity
PPOPreferred provider organization
HMOHealth maintenance organization
PCPPrimary care physician
ITUIntensive treatment unit
CCUCritical care unit
AEAccident and emergency
ICNIntensive Care Nursery
COICertificate of insurance
DOCDrug of choice
EDEmergency department
NICUNeonatal Intensive Care Unit
STSpeech therapy
SSISurgical site infection
CVICerebrovascular insult
EMRElectronic medical record
MCLMedial collateral ligament
BPBlood pressure
VDVenereal disease
HDLHigh-density lipoprotein
PCLPosterior cruciate ligament
LCLLateral collateral ligament
DODoctor of Osteopathy
PTPhysical therapy
CNACertified nursing assistant
HHAHome health aide
EMSEmergency medical services
ALPAssisted living program
CDTContinuing day treatment
COPDChronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CRNACertified registered nurse anesthetist
CVACerebrovascular accident
TBITraumatic brain injury
HCAIHealth care associated infection
ACOAccountable care organization
EOCEvidence of coverage
HSAt bedtime
POBy mouth
CTEChronic traumatic encephalopathy
Anti-vaxAgainst vaccines
SAABSex assigned at birth