What does primenesia mean?

Forgetting what you ordered through Amazon Prime

Primenesia is a condition where a person orders so many things through Amazon Prime that he forgets what is in the package that was just delivered. The term comes from the combination of "Prime," which refers to the paid subscription service, and "amnesia," which refers to the memory loss of the order.

Primenesia has become an epidmeic as more and more online shopping is done through Amazon Prime. Everything from groceries to clothes to computers can be bought through the service, which offers two day free shipping on many items. Primenesia is especially prevalent during the holidays when many of the gifts are purchased online and delivered to customers' doorsteps.


You got a package today that I accidentally opened
It must be my drone!
A shirt?
What was it?
Some bananas
Wow, I just had a bad case of Primenesia
Primenesia means forgetting what you ordered through Amazon Prime
Primenesia means forgetting what you ordered through Amazon Prime

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Updated June 22, 2018

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