What does PvPvE stand for in online gaming?

Player versus player versus environment

PvPvE games are those in which players battle against both each other and the game's environment. This acronym is a mash-up of PvP (which stands for player versus player) and PvE (which stands for player versus environment).

For example, in the online version of Dark Souls III, players battle against the game's NPC enemies and other environmental challenges as they would normally, but they can also be attacked by other players. This makes the online version of Dark Souls III a PvPvE game.

Primarily, gamers use PvPvE to distinguish between PvP games that do and do not contain environmental interference. In a pure PvP game, the game's environment has little to no effect on the game's outcome. In contrast, a PvPvE game's environment often influences the game significantly.


What's your favorite PvPvE game?
Nothing beats Gambit mode in Destiny 2. It's so tense!
A Diablo IV player's thoughts on that game's PvPvE mode
A Diablo IV player's thoughts on that game's PvPvE mode

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Updated December 21, 2023

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