What does griefer mean?

An irritating player

In multiplayer video games, a griefer is a player whose primary objective is not to win, but to harass other players. Griefers go out of their way to troll their teammates and/or their opponents, by purposefully performing antagonistic behaviors.

Some examples of griefing include:

  • Playing incredibly slowly to waste other players' time
  • Purposefully killing teammates with friendly fire
  • Stealing other players' items or kills
  • Destroying other players' creations in sandbox games (like Minecraft)
  • Sharing teammates' positions with opponents

Often, griefing involves using a game element or mechanic in an abusive or unintended way. For example, in a game in which players can message their teammates, griefers may spam distasteful messages, turning a normally-helpful feature into an annoyance.


What a griefer, the admin needs to block this DA!
A plea to stop griefers
A plea to stop griefers

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Updated February 10, 2022

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