What does QAMAGA mean?

An ultra-conservative conspiracy theorist

QAMAGA is a combination of "QAnon" and "MAGA" coined to describe a person who is a very conservative Trump supporter that has also bought into many conspiracy theories. It is unclear who first combined the terms, but it gained popularity in August 2020.

When do people use QAMAGA?

You most likely will see people use QAMAGA on Twitter to insult people they believe have gone "off the deep end" during Trump's presidency (2017-2021). Most people that use QAMAGA are politically-conscious moderates and liberals. However, some conservatives may also use it to criticize conservatives that have gone too far to the right.


Since the Dems took over my uncle has purchased land in Idaho and bought food to prepare for the apocalypse
Wow, he's gone full QAMAGA, huh?
QAMAGA tweet
QAMAGA tweet

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Updated September 13, 2022

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