What is a qultist?

A QAnon believer

Those who do not believe the many conspiracy theories bundled together as QAnon may call those who do qultists. This slang term, which is a play on the word cultist, emphasizes QAnon adherents' willingness to believe lies and act as directed by Q, QAnon's anonymous (and likely fictional) leader.

What is QAnon?

In short, QAnon is a bundle of conspiracy theories alleging that America is secretly controlled by a Satan-worshipping cabal of powerful elites, who plotted against former President Donald Trump (45) during his time in office. QAnon is named for Q, the anonymous poster who began posting "evidence" of the cabal's actions on 4chan in October 2017.

Over time, QAnon has grown to include many additional sub-conspiracies and beliefs. QAnon adherents' core belief, however, remains the same.

Who are qultists?

Anyone who believes in or acts upon QAnon conspiracy theories may be labeled a qultist. Mostly, qultists are members of the American right and far-right, who are more likely to believe QAnon-related theories. American politicians who believe (or at least purport to believe) QAnon theories, such as Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG), may also be called qultists.

Qultists also exist outside the United States. For example, a significant number of Japanese people believe QAnon theories. Japanese qultists are also sometimes referred to as JAnon.


I can't believe her brother is a qultist. I thought he was smart
A qultist is a QAnon believer
A qultist is a QAnon believer

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Updated March 26, 2021

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