What does MAGAA stand for?

Make America Great Again, Again

MAGAA stands for "Make America Great Again, Again," which is the campaign slogan for Republican Donald Trump's 2020 Presidential reelection campaign. The acronym is often seen on social sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and preceded with a hashtag (#MAGAA).

The slogan is based on Trump's 2016 "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) slogan that was originally made popular by Ronald Reagan's 1980 Presidential campaign. The MAGAA slogan was first debuted by Vice President Mike Pence on July 17, 2020, and Trump slowly began slipping it into his campaign speeches.

The additional "Again" in MAGAA is partially due to this being Trump's bid for a second Presidential term after his first term, in which he claims that he already made America great again. Also, it refers to how he claims he made America's economy great in his first term before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but now he promises that he will make the economy recover, and therefore, make America great again, again.

You will most likely see MAGAA on social media accompanying posts from hardcore Trump supporters defending or bragging about Trump. You may also see it used ironically on social sites, especially on Twitter, by people mocking Trump, his campaign promises, and his supporters.


Ugh, I can't handle four more years of this
Dude, Trump gets things done! #MAGAA
Some Trump supporters rallying around MAGAA
Some Trump supporters rallying around MAGAA
Tweet poking fun at the extra "Again" in MAGAA
Tweet poking fun at the extra "Again" in MAGAA

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Updated October 21, 2020

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