What does R2R stand for in running and hiking?


Runners and hikers use R2R to describe "rim-to-rim" trails, which take them from one rim of a canyon to another. In 99 percent of cases, athletes using this acronym are talking about an R2R trek across the Grand Canyon.

Yes, the Grand Canyon's R2R trail is so famous, and discussed so often, that runners and hikers coined an acronym that refers specifically to it. You may also see athletes discuss an R2R2R trek across the Grand Canyon - which is a run or hike that goes from rim to rim and back again.


What trailhead should I start at for the R2R hike?
A runner setting a new FKT for the Grand Canyon R2R
A runner setting a new FKT for the Grand Canyon R2R

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Updated August 11, 2022

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