Sports Slang

There is no shortage of acronyms and abbreviations used in sports. Each sport has its own shorthand, so it can be difficult to remember what all the different abbreviations mean. The following list is a good reference to help you understand the meaning of all the slang terms used during sporting events and in the post-game analysis. You can also view specific baseball slang, golf slang, and fantasy football slang.

Slang Term Meaning Votes
BFBatters faced
StudA highly skilled individual
PBPersonal best
GOATGreatest of all time
ClutchAbility to perform under pressure
FFFantasy football
SkolGood health
Throw the gameLose the game on purpose
WWEWorld Wrestling Entertainment
ownageCompletely owned
Beast modeDominating gameplay
AceHole in one
GFGames finished
WRWide receiver
LFGLet's freaking go
MLBMajor League Baseball
HRHome run
SBSuper Bowl
HandcuffA fantasy football backup player
DFSDaily Fantasy Sports
CeilingUpside of a player
RBIRuns batted in
FFLFantasy football league
PPRPoints per reception
YPGYards per game
NHLNational Hockey League
DLDisabled list
ROYRookie of the Year
March MadnessNCAA Basketball Tournament
BasebrawlBaseball brawl
Snake draftDraft where the last pick in one round is the first in the next
PFPoints for
BOATBest of all time
MVPMost valuable player
avgBatting average
Can of cornAn easy catch by a fielder
CloserA relief pitcher that finishes a baseball game
RundownBaserunner stranded between two bases
Set the tableTo get on base so other hitters can score the baserunners
Bush leagueAmateur play
RBRunning back
WR1First starting fantasy wide receiver
TETight end
FanboyA dedicated male fan
WCWWorld Championship Wrestling
FIFAFédération Internationale de Football Association
SBStolen bases
TaterHome run
2BSecond base
One and doneSingle elimination tournament
Chin musicPitch that nearly hits the batter's head
TPTriple play
Victory lapGolf ball that spins around the hole then falls in
ADPAverage draft position
SleeperA player drafted late but exceeds expectations
RB1Starting fantasy running back
FishCasual fantasy sports player
Half-PPRHalf-point per reception league
MarkA fan who believes pro wrestling is real
NBANational Basketball Association
WCWorld Cup
IRInjured reserve
Bracket busterA team that upsets a highly ranked team
Mendoza line.200 batting average
SteezeStyle and ease
Put him on skatesTo make a person stumble over himself
WRWorld record
DNFDid not finish
Saddam HusseinGolf shot from one bunker into another bunker
Draft dasherA fantasy football owner who drafts a team and abandons it
HonorsHit first from the tee in golf
Vulture backA running back who takes scoring chances from the starter
SharkAn experienced fantasy sports player
StreamRotating players in and out of a lineup
ReachTo draft a player too soon
KayfabePretending something fake is real
UpsJumping ability
FOMOFFear of missing out on football
WheelsFast legs
TripleHit that results in the batter getting to third base
SLGSlugging percentage
ACLAnterior cruciate ligament
Final FourLast four competitors
JAGJust a guy
Bases juicedBaserunners on all three bases
Grand SlamWinning the four major golf tournaments
Texas wedgePutt from off the green
Waiver hawkA fantasy sports owner who patrols the waiver wire
QB1First starting fantasy quarterback
FlierGamble on a risky player
GhostshipA fantasy football team with no owner
Trade baitA good player that entices other teams to trade for him
UndroppableA player who cannot be dropped from a fantasy team
BearishNegative outlook
BullishPositive outlook
Put overMake someone look good
CR7Cristiano Ronaldo
MMAMixed martial arts
NLDSNational League Division Series
HomerHome run
SingleHit that results in the batter getting to first base
OPSOn-base Plus Slugging Percentage
CinderellaUnderdog sports team
Sweet SixteenLast 16 teams in a tournament
Elite EightLast eight teams of March Madness
On deckBatting second
Cellar dwellerA team constantly in last place
DPDouble play
Paint the cornerTo pitch the ball over the edge of home plate
DERDefensive Efficiency Rating
SteezyStyle and ease
SnowmanGolf score of 8
SleptTo hit someone hard
AlbatrossThree strokes under par
FlyerGamble on a risky player
fumTotal fumbles
TruthinessTruth based on feelings
MinnowWeak fantasy sports player
FloorDownside of a player
Get bucketsTo dominate
Cut a promoStage a promotional interview
WashedNo longer good
FTMFWFor the mother f***ing win
SivBad goaltender
NFCNational Football Conference
AFCAmerican Football Conference
USWNTUnited States Women's National Team
ABAt bat
DingerHome run
MashTo hit a baseball well
MeatballEasy pitch to hit
BloopWeakly hit fly ball
3BThird base
RFRight field
BracketDiagram of tournament games
Breaking anklesCausing a player to stumble
E4Error made by the second baseman
On the screwsHard hit
Circus catchAcrobatic catch
Annie OakleyFree pass
SupersubA player who often scores as a substitute
Grand SlamWinning the four major tennis tournaments
ShelledBeaten badly
And oneA play where a player is fouled while making a basket
MBFAMake baseball fun again
IOCInternational Olympic Committee
HangmanGolf score of 9
Auction draftDraft where owners bid on players
DropA ball dropped from a golfer's outstretched arm
FlexFantasy football position that can be a RB, WR, or TE
QBBCQuarterback by committee
FRFumble recovery
Damaged goodsA person who has one or more major flaws
FleecingTaking advantage of a person through a trade
oprkOpponent ranking
tarReceiving targets
Woj bombA breaking report by Adrian Wojnarowski
Millennial baseballA baseball strategy of swinging for home runs instead of base hits
HonnoldingStanding up straight on a narrow ledge with your back to the wall
DegenA gambler who makes foolish bets
Unforced errorAn easily-avoidable mistake
On firePerforming very well
Take the LTake the loss
PosterizeTo dunk on an opponent
FadeTo purposely disregard a player
Got that dog in himDriven to succeed
HOFHall of fame
HMPHalf marathon pace
WWFWorld Wrestling Federation
ERAEarned run average
YardHome run
CSCaught stealing
ALCSAmerican League Championship Series
SPStarting pitcher
RPRelief pitcher
LCSLeague Championship Series
Ride the pineSit on the bench
HandlesThe ability to handle a basketball
Baltimore chopBaseball hit that takes a large hop over an infielder
GrounderBaseball hit on the ground
DoubleHit that results in the batter getting to second base
1BFirst base
WARWins Above Replacement
CFPCollege Football Playoff
Own goalA counterproductive decision
TNFThursday Night Football
OROYOffensive Rookie of the Year
Cutting down the netsWon a basketball tournament
BracketologyPredicting who will win a tournament
E3Error made by the first baseman
E5Error made by the third baseman
E6Error made by the shortstop
E7Error made by the left fielder
RockA basketball
Double playTwo outs on the same play
RubberPitcher's plate
Shoestring catchCatch made just above a player's shoes
CellarLast place
Three-peatWinning a championship three times in a row
Turn twoTo record a double play
LeadoffFirst batter in the lineup
CleanupPlayer batting fourth in the lineup
MadduxComplete game shutout with less than 100 pitches
fpctFielding percentage
GGames played
TCTotal chances
Two baggerDouble
Charity stripeFree throw line
GSHGrand Slams
Lift the silverwareWin a trophy
Hockey hairLong, flowing hair with flipped wings
Round-tripperHome run
OROlympic record
Worm burnerVery low golf shot
RainmakerHigh trajectory golf shot
Die in the holeGolf shot that makes it to the hole and falls in
RBBCRunning back by committee
BustA player who does not perform well
Fire saleWhen an owner trades players away
IDPIndividual defensive player
STSpecial teams
YPAYards per attempt
ZebraA game official
OGOlympic grandma
PRPersonal record
BrickA shot that squarely clangs off the rim or backboard
FKTFastest known time
DowntownBeyond the 3-point line
JumperJump shot
Putting on a clinicPerforming exceptionally well
PullTo hit a ball to the same side of the field in which you bat
Trey3-point shot attempt
De-cleatedHit very hard
JuicingTaking performance-enhancing drugs
3QThird quarter
1QFirst quarter
OTBOff the board
PEDPerformance enhancing drug
HGHHuman growth hormone
Circle buttonSpin move
USMNTUnited States Men's National Team
jJump shot
BBBases on balls
ALDSAmerican League Division Series
Revenge arcQuest to get revenge
AceBest starting pitcher
Hot cornerThird base
SouthpawLeft-handed pitcher
HomerHometown sports fan
LFLeft field
MNFMonday Night Football
E1Error made by the pitcher
Alley oopA pass to a teammate who puts the ball in the basket
Four-peatWinning a championship four times in a row
ThrowingLosing a winnable game on purpose
Bronx cheerNoise that signals mockery
High and tightHigh and inside pitch
CGSOComplete game shutout
LeatherDefense ability
DishHome plate
NutmegKicking the ball between an opponent's legs
In the holeBatting third
Coast to coastThe entire length of a playing field
WSWorld Series
GIDPGround into double play
NPNumber of pitches
SFSacrifice Flies
TPATotal plate appearances
XBHExtra base hits
Grand SlamA four-run home run
Four baggerHome run
Paint the blackTo pitch the ball over the edge of home plate
Sweet spotThe part of the bat that provides the best contact
Twin killingDouble play
IBBIntentional bases on balls
PBPassed balls
Three baggerTriple
Golden SlamTennis Grand Slam and the Olympics gold medal
Super SlamTennis Grand Slam and Year-End Championship
LIPSLate inning pressured situations
RWRelief wins
LettuceThick, curly, beautiful hair
Put out firesGet out of difficult situations
PeaA ball traveling at a high speed
YakkerCurve ball
Pin-seekerGolf shot hit straight at the flagstick
Alec GuinnessOut-of-bounds
Back-door puttPutt that spins around a hole and drops in
Serpentine draftDraft where the last pick in one round is the first in the next
BreakoutA player who performs surprisingly well
Mock draftSimulated draft
ForeWatch out
Front nineFirst nine holes of an 18-hole golf course
GimmeEasy golf putt
Scratch golferA golfer with a handicap of zero
ffbFantasy football
RB2Second starting fantasy running back
QB2Second starting fantasy quarterback
WR2Second starting fantasy wide receiver
WR3Third starting fantasy wide receiver
FPGFantasy points per game
YACYards after catch
Garbage timeTime during a blowout game where strategies change
prkPosition rank
PAPoints against
VARVideo assistant referee
ILInjured list
MLBPAMajor League Baseball Players Association
LOOGYLeft-handed One Out Guy
WOATWorst of all time
WorkA scripted event
Worked shootA scripted event that contains unscripted elements
Olympic grandmaAn old female Olympian
SmarkA fan who knows pro wrestling is scripted
TweenerA wrestler who is neither hero nor villain
BallinPlaying sports well
Yard saleA bad crash
BricklayerA basketball player who is shooting a lot of bricks
Dropping dimesMaking difficult passes for assists in basketball
FMVPFinals Most Valuable Player
AEWAll Elite Wrestling
SwishA made shot in basketball that hits only the net
HopsJumping ability
SplashA made shot that only touches the basketball net
Making it rainHitting 3-point shots
FlopAn exaggerated fall
Air ballA missed shot that doesn't hit the rim or backboard
oppoOpposite field
BucketA made basketball shot
Ice coldShooting poorly
Triple-doubleAchieving double digits in three categories in a basketball game
Double-doubleAchieving double digits in two categories in a basketball game
Clean sheetShutout
CannonAn impressive throwing arm
DBDefensive back
DSTDefense and Special Teams
2QSecond quarter
4QFourth quarter
NWONew World Order
FOMOHFear of missing out on hockey
RibbyRun batted in
BombHome run
CycleSingle, double, triple, and home run
DROYDefensive Rookie of the Year
RPIRatings Percentage Index
E9Error made by the right fielder
HotboxBaserunner stranded between two bases
Uncle CharlieCurve ball
LOBLeft on base
GSGames started
innInnings played
Backdoor sliderA pitch that breaks over the plate
CheddarGood fastball
ParNumber of strokes to complete a golf course hole
BirdieOne stroke under par
Nineteenth holeGolf clubhouse bar
ReloadTo take another shot after a bad shot
NukedHit a golf ball a great distance
Nip itHit a golf ball cleanly
Amelia EarhartGolf shot that looks good but you can't find
Danny DeVitoFive foot putt
SquirrelTee shot into the rough
Keeper leagueFantasy sports league where you keep your players
Bare lieA golf ball laying directly on the ground
Double eagleThree strokes under par
Ready golfGolfers hit when ready
Inward nineLast nine holes of an 18-hole golf course
Sham bombA breaking report by Shams Charania
ShootAn unscripted event
JamTo pitch near a batter's hands
Blowing a raspberryMaking a jeering noise
CheeseGood fastball
WheelhouseHitter's power zone
Touch em allHome run
Frozen ropeLine drive baseball hit
RFRange factor
CGLComplete game losses
PAPlate appearances
BushAmateur play
FlowLong, thick, luscious hair
EagleTwo strokes under par
Quail highVery low golf shot
Abominable snowmanGolf score of 9
BotoxPutt that lips out of the hole
Afraid of the darkPutt that doesn't go in the hole
Joe PesciA difficult five foot putt
ShankTo hit the ball poorly
Tight lieA golf ball laying directly on the ground
Bogey golfLevel of golf play that equals 1 shot over par
ChunkA golf shot that makes a divot
Fat shotA golf shot that takes a chunk out of the ground
Back nineLast nine holes of an 18-hole golf course
HandicapNumerical score that represents a golfer's ability
The turnHalfway point of a round of golf
Outward nineFirst nine holes of an 18-hole golf course
DoglegA golf hole with a fairway that bends
Dogleg leftA golf hole with a fairway that has a bend to the left
PVOPosition vs. opponent
PPRPossible points remaining
RibRun batted in
CGComplete games
HBPHit by pitch
GRSLGrand Slams
Table setterA player who gets on base so other hitters can hit him in
BogeyOne stroke over par
Double bogeyTwo strokes over par
Triple bogeyThree strokes over par
SandbaggerA golfer who plays better than he claims
Sunday ballA do-over golf shot
TesterA putt that tests a golfer's skill
VelcroSlow green
DivotChunk of grass and soil
Shotgun startGolfers are sent to each hole to start at the same time
Double doglegA golf hole with a fairway that has two bends
Dogleg rightA golf hole with a fairway that has a bend to the right
MickelsonTo hit a golf ball while it is still moving
retKick or punt returner
James JoycePutt that is hard to read
TTTHCSThings that Tim Howard could save
NLCSNational League Championship Series
Line driveHard hit baseball in the air
Texas LeaguerWeak fly ball hit to the outfield
OBPOn-base Percentage
CFCenter field
MCLMedial collateral ligament
RopeLine drive baseball hit
sacSacrifice bunts
OFAOutfield assists
AOFly outs
GOGround outs
Bases loadedBaserunners on all three bases
HBHit batsmen
IPInnings pitched
IRAInherited runs allowed
FIFAWWCFIFA Women's World Cup
The beautiful gameSoccer
Boxed setSingles, doubles, and mixed doubles Grand Slam

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