What does FKT stand for in running and hiking?

Fastest known time

Runners and hikers use FKT to stand for "fastest known time." Many notable running and hiking trails have recorded FKTs, which are the fastest known times in which a runner or hiker completed them. Other runners and hikers often strive to beat these FKTs.

The website is the official source of truth for FKTs. As of 2021, it lists FKTs for more than 3,200 routes. To qualify for a listing on, a trail must be at least five miles long or include at least 500 feet of climbing, and it must be attractive to other runners. (So no submitting your one mile neighborhood circuit.)

If you think you've recorded a new FKT, you can submit it to (being sure to follow the website's guidelines). If you've actually established a new fastest known time, you'll see your name and time appear in that route's listings.


I'm trying to beat the FKT for the Bibbulmun Track - I think this is my year!
A Redditor describing their FKT attempt
A Redditor describing their FKT attempt

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Updated August 11, 2022

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