Rainbow Washing

What is rainbow washing?

Claiming to be LGBTQ allies to make money

Rainbow washing is when a company uses rainbow imagery associated with the LGBTQ community to appear progressive to make money. For example, a company may market and sell t-shirts with rainbow colors during Pride month (June) but not spend time or money supporting the LGBTQ community.

What is the origin of greenwashing?

Rainbow washing is a variation of the greenwashing and whitewashing terms. The term dates back to at least 2015 but became popular in June 2022 as LGBTQ supporters criticized businesses for making money during Pride month without supporting the cause.

In some cases, "woke" businesses donated millions of dollars to politicians that oppose the LGBTQ community while pretending to be allies. Other terms related to rainbow washing are virtue signaling and performative allyship.


Are you going to the parade tomorrow?
Dunno. I might be too cynical but it just seems like more rainbow washing to me
Rainbow washing tweet
Rainbow washing tweet

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Updated June 28, 2022

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