Get Woke

What does get woke mean?

Become aware of social issues

Get woke is an activist phrase that means "become aware of social issues." It is used to challenge a person to see social problems, oftentimes racial ones, instead of dismissing them as issues perceived by sensitive individuals with an agenda.

The phrase is seen by most as a politically liberal term since it is the opposite of the PC term used by conservatives to claim that Americans have become too sensitive about what they say and do. Instead, by being woke, people acknowledge evidence of racial oppression, LGBTQ discrimination, etc., instead of dismissing it.

"Get woke" is often used by movements, like Black Lives Matter, that attempt to keep injustices in the spotlight through demonstrations and protests. Be careful who you use it with because some individuals, typically conservatives, get triggered when hearing it.


Have you not seen the stats about african-americans and fatalities? Get woke, man

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Updated September 14, 2021

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