What does rashing mean?


Rashing someone is the act of insulting or disrespecting them. Usually, rashings take the form of a series of insults. Like a rash, these repeated insults can irritate a person and leave them feeling raw.

How is rashing different than roasting or burning?

Many other insult-centric slang terms, like roast and burn, also evoke images of red-hot emotional pain. Unlike those words, rashing isn't meant to convey an image of a person being consumed in a single, diss-fed fire. Instead, rashing is meant to convey a sustained attack on a person's morale. Like a rash, this attack could continue being irksome for days or weeks.


Peter is rashing me every day and I'm about to lose it

A man who has been the victim of rashing

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Updated September 15, 2022

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