You Got Served

What does you got served mean?

You were called out

You got served is a popular phrase from the 2000s used to call a person out. It is typically said to emphasize how a person was just dissed.

The phrase is often used in real life but can appear in texting or online conversations. It is similar to a serve in tennis, where each person gets a chance to serve, so when you are served, you have the option of serving them back or walking away. If you choose to serve back, that's when an epic battle usually breaks out and a crowd of people gather around the persons involved. It also appears as the title of the 2004 dance movie, "You got served."


She just dissed your gma! You got served!
The 2004 film "You Got Served"
The 2004 film "You Got Served"

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Updated November 8, 2017

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