Real Talk

What is real talk?

Honest truth

Real talk is a slang term that refers to when a person speaks candidly without filtering out words that may hurt someone's feelings. It may be spoken verbally in-person, on the phone, and on the computer, or typed on a computer keyboard or mobile device.

This form of candid communication is the opposite of speaking "politely" to others, or being passive-aggressive. Real talk most often occurs between people that know each other intimately and need to release tension that has built up in their relationship.

When real talk occurs outside of intimate relationships, the people who most often utilize it are considered "over-sharers" that either don't care about social norms or are just not very aware of when to shut up. These people may be teenagers or socially inept adults. Social media is a common choice for people to engage in real talk since the platforms can reach a larger audience than texting or shouting on a street corner.


Kevin just shared some real talk with Megan about their ship and it got real awks

Comedians often engage in real talk

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Updated December 2, 2019

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