Real One

What is a real one?

A dependable, authentic friend

A real one is a person you can always depend on, no matter what. The person may be anyone you have a special connection with, such as a family member, a bestie, or an SO.

There are no clear origins for the term, but it gained popularity on social media in the mid-2010s. The term comes from the sifting of the real and fake people in your life. The fake ones may claim to have your back, but they abandon you when things get tough.

Where would I see "real one" used?

You may hear "real one" used in person, songs (especially rap songs), and messages. You may also see it often online, especially on social sites, like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. When used on social media, it's typically seen in some tribute post thanking a close friend for being with them through good and bad times.

Who uses "real one"?

Close friends most often use the term as a substitute for "best friend" to express their platonic or romantic love and appreciation for each other. Some examples include lifelong friends since preschool or a couple married for 30 years.


And finally, I'd like to thank Antoine for all he's done for me. He's a real one!

Hold on to the real ones

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Updated January 4, 2022

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