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1. What does BS stand for?



BS stands for "bulls***," a common American expletive. Saying something is BS is a crass way of saying that thing is unfair or untrue.

Those who are angry and/or skeptical are most likely to call (meaning call attention to) BS, in an attempt to show how they have been wronged or lied to. BS may also be used as a verb, meaning "lie to" or (in less contentious contexts) "discuss idly."


I'm tired of all the made-up excuses and other BS I keep hearing.

BS means "bulls***"

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Updated December 14, 2020
2. What does BS stand for?

Blood Sugar

An acronym used on diabetes blogs and forums and refers to the level of sugar in the body's blood.


My BS was getting too high, so the doctor's adjusted my insulin dosage.

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Updated August 19, 2014

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