Red Wedding

What does red wedding mean?

A disaster

Calling something a "red wedding" is another way to say that it is a disaster. For example, if it rains at your kid's outdoor birthday party, half the guests that RSVP'd don't show up, and the bouncy house gets a hole in it, you might refer to the party as a red wedding.

Where does red wedding come from?

The term originates from the Game of Thrones (GOT) "The Rains of Castamere" episode, which is the ninth episode of the third season that aired on June 2, 2013. In the episode, the wedding between Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey turns from a happy occasion into a (*spoiler alert*) bloody massacre, with many of the guests, including Robb Stark, his wife, and his mother being murdered.

How do people use red wedding?

People typically use red wedding as an alternative for "disaster." They may describe an actual event that goes sideways or a person who is a hot mess and needs to get their life together.


The bday party turned into a red wedding when Stacy's ex-boyfriend showed up

Roose Bolton and Robb Stark during the "Red Wedding" episode

A woman dropping a birthday cake turning the party into a red wedding
A woman dropping a birthday cake turning the party into a red wedding

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Updated July 13, 2022

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