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1. What is TM short for?


When referring to an identifying word, phrase, symbol, or design, TM likely stands for trademark. Any of the aforementioned items can be TM'd, so others can't use them in relation to the same goods or services. (For example, Nike's swoosh logo and the phrase Just Do It are trademarked, so others selling shoes cannot use them.)

People also sometimes use the term trademark, and the abbreviation TM, to refer to people's catchphrases, habits, or other identifying characteristics. For example, while discussing your friend Andy's terrible sense of humor, your friend Rosaline might say "Yeah, his TM puns are the absolute worst."


Do you know if that tagline is TM'd or not?
Pretty sure it is; we definitely need to change ours

TM means "trademark"

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Updated May 31, 2023
2. What does TM stand for?

Trouble maker

TM stands for "trouble maker," which refers to a person who is known to cause trouble. It is often seen online and in text messages.

Trouble makers come in all shapes and sizes. They may be kids, teenagers, or adults that do bad things to get attention from someone or to just wreak havoc for entertainment purposes.

TMs may cause different levels of trouble, ranging from coloring on the wall to sharing secrets to smashing a TV with a hammer. If a TM is seeking attention, he may be neglected at home by his parent(s) and only receives attention when doing something wrong. If a TM causes trouble for entertainment reasons, he or she may grow up to be the Joker from Batman, just wanting to watch the world burn.


I was a classic TM when I was in elementary school

Elvis was considered a big-time TM by parents of teenagers around America

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Updated December 2, 2020
3. What does TM stand for?

Tell me

TM stands for "tell me." It's most often used at the start of a sentence, such as "TM what the definition of TM is."

If you're ready to spill the tea, feel free to share the skinny with the person who sent you TM. Just be careful that you don't provide TMI.


TM what's going on with you and Mark

Loki really, really wants to know what's going on with you and Mark

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Updated November 3, 2020
4. What does TM stand for?

Tickle me

TM sometimes stands for "tickle me." Those who are engaging in more ... shall we say, sensual forms of online chat may use TM in this less-conventional manner.

TM also stood for "Tickle Me" in the acronym TMX, which was used to refer to the tenth anniversary edition of Tickle Me Elmo. So if your significant other is talking about a TM toy, they may be (but very likely are not) referring to Elmo.


I want you to put your fingers under my armpits and TM until I can't stop laughing
Wow, I'm so turned on

This joke always TM

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Updated November 3, 2020

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