EG has 2 meanings
1. What does EG stand for?

For example

Short for "Exempli gratia," which is Latin for "free example;" may be translated accurately as "for example;" typically precedes one or more examples.


I'm sure he would like some kind of electronic device for Christmas, e.g. an iPod, Blu-ray player, GPS device, etc

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Updated March 12, 2014
2. What does EG stand for in messages?

Evil grin

When used by itself, EG might represent an evil grin. If so, the person who sent you EG is smiling wickedly right now, in their best imitation of the Joker, Mr. Burns, and/or Agent Smith.

Oftentimes, this version of EG is written as <EG>. Like some other chat abbreviations, <EG> uses < > to denote the sender is performing an action. You may also see < > used with other grin-related abbreviations, such as BG, BWG, and plain ol' G.


I 'forgot' to ring up all my bananas at the self-checkout today. <EG>

An iconic <EG>

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Updated June 3, 2022

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