What does ROTFFL stand for?

Rolling on the freaking floor laughing

When ROFL or ROTFL do not properly convey the intensity of feeling you possess for your floor, you can swap in the more emphatic ROTFFL (rolling on the freaking floor laughing). Then, your friends will understand how much you love and/or hate your floor.

Wait, the "freaking" in ROTFFL describes how I feel about my floor? Isn't that weird?

Okay, you're right - the "freaking" in ROTFFL really just emphasizes that you found the joke you are laughing at to be extremely funny, as well as how unusual it is to find yourself rolling on the floor. But wouldn't it be nice if people had strong feelings about their floors? Might the world not then be a better place?


Did u watch the new Family Guy episode?
Yeah, I was rotffl!
A baby that is ROTFFL
A baby that is ROTFFL

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Updated July 15, 2021

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