What does ROFLMAO stand for?

Rolling on floor, laughing my a** off


ROFLMAO is a combination of ROFL and LMAO that stands for "rolling on the floor laughing my a** off." It is meant to say that you think something is so funny that you fell to the ground laughing and that you feel like your rear end is going to detach from your body.

The acronym is long, making it ineffective at saving time or space compared to just using ROFL or LMAO. But when something is extraordinarily funny, you may just have to upgrade to ROFLMAO to adequately communicate the hilarity.

You will most often see it in text messages but may also see it online on social sites or in chatrooms. Some examples of when you may see ROFLMAO include when your friend sends you a text of his toddler pooping in a fountain, when a user shares a funny video on Twitter of him falling down, or in the comments section of a YouTuber's prank video.


That's the funniest story I ever heard... ROFLMAO!
IKR?!? I could barely breather from laughing so much

Stanley about to ROFLMAO

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Updated December 16, 2020

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