What does SASE stand for re: mail?

Self-addressed stamped envelope

Those discussing mail use SASE to stand for "self-addressed stamped envelope." A SASE is an envelope included in another letter or package, which has the sender's name and address on it and a stamp affixed. The person who received the letter or package can use the SASE to mail an item back to the sender, without paying for postage.

For example, a business offering a rebate to its customers may ask those customers to mail in a receipt, to prove their purchase, and a SASE, which the business can use to send the customer a rebate check. Or, an autograph collector may include a SASE with a request for an autograph, so the celeb they're reaching out to doesn't have to pay to send back their autograph.


Please submit your product return with a SASE, which we will use to send back a receipt confirmation of the return
A Redditor asking about tracking SASEs
A Redditor asking about tracking SASEs

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Updated August 22, 2023

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