1. What does SAT stand for?

Scholastic Aptitude Test

A common acronym in the education realm that refers to the standardized tests taken as part of the application process to many United States colleges and universities.


I have to take the SATs tomorrow and I'm pretty nervous

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Updated May 20, 2014
2. What does SAT stand for?

Sorry about that

SAT is a quick way to apologize to a person or empathize with their unfortunate circumstances. It may also be written as "SBT" to avoid confusion with the word "sat."

People most often use SAT in text messages and online messages. However, you may also use it in emails, in gaming sessions, and on social media.

Examples of when you might use SAT include apologizing to a sibling for fighting with them or apologizing to a teammate when playing poorly in an online game. Instances when you may use it to convey sympathy, include hearing from your friend that they put their dog down or that your mom lost her ring.


I meant to pay the rent on time, but I thought it was due on the 5th, not the 1st. SAT

That SAT feeling

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Updated September 8, 2021

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