What is a sistah?


Sistah is slang for "sister," a less common version of the sista abbreviation. While anyone may use it, Black women often use it to describe other Black women even if they are not actually sisters.

For example, your friend may say, "I saw Gina the other day, and that sistah is looking fine!" Or, your friend may return from the store and say, "I met a sistah in line who moved here from Texas, too, and she was so nice!"

While people use sistah for non-family member women (friend sisterhood), they may also use it to refer to their biological sisters (sistah is just more fun to say). For example, "How you doing, my sistah?!"


My sistah gots my back so do your worse!
Fo sho!
Sistahs having a good time
Sistahs having a good time

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Updated June 7, 2023

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