1. What kind of friend does BGF stand for?

Best guy friend

Girls commonly use BGF in messages and on social media to refer to their best guy friend. A BGF is typically only platonic, but sometimes BGFs can develop into boyfriend material.

BGFs are usually supportive, protective, caring, and fun. And for women, BGFs are hard to come by because romantic tension usually interferes with a friendship between a man and a woman.

On the woman's friendzone and brotherzone spectrum, the BGF is often in the middle of the two zones. So, if a BGF develops feelings for the woman (like Ross from Friends), it won't be easy to get out (unless the woman has developed feelings for him (like Rachel from Friends).


He's been my BGF since we were little
And you never developed any feelings for him?
Nope. He's in the brotherzone

Nick is Jess' BGF

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Updated January 25, 2023
2. What does BGF stand for?

Best girl friend

While BGF often refers to a person's best guy friend, it may also describe a person's best girl friend. It can get confusing to know which one the person is using, but you can typically tell by the BGF's name (unless it's Jamie or one of the other thousand gender-neutral names).

A man or woman may have a BGF, and the friend is close to BFF status, as they are supportive, caring, and protective. Additionally, BGFs are typically platonic (in the friendzone) and are not meant to imply any romantic feelings (or GF status). However, there are cases where romance enters the equation (Ross and Rachel in Friends, Pam and Jim in The Office, Nick and Jess in New Girl, etc.).


Melissa is probably my BGF, we grew up together!
Totes adorbs!

Jess is Nick's BGF

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Updated January 25, 2023

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