What is a slofie?

A slow-motion selfie video

A slofie is a slow-motion selfie video recorded using a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet. It typically consists of one or more people recording their faces as they react to something or make goofy poses.

The term comes from the combination of "slow-motion" and "selfie." It gained popularity during the September 10th, 2019 Apple Special Event when the slow-motion video selfie feature on the front-facing iPhone 11 camera was introduced. At the end of the new selfie feature introduction, Apple challenged users to take and share their own "slofies."

While the term existed before the Apple Special Event, it spiked in usage due to the new iPhone 11 feature. After it was introduced, some people embraced the idea of the new type of selfie while others groaned at the thought of more selfie content being shared on the web. Slofies are typically taken by teenage girls and young women, but may also be embraced by guys too.

Slofie may be spelled as "Slowfie" by some users. People may also use slofie to refer to a selfie of slow-moving subjects, such as turtles, sloths, and old people, instead of a slow-motion selfie video.


Move closer, I want to take a slofie of us on the ride when we drop

A guy posing for a slofie

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Updated September 10, 2019

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