What is a snaccident

An accidental consumption of an entire snack

A snaccident is when a person accidentally consumes an entire snack when he initially meant to eat just some of it. Common foods that become snaccidents include potato chips, ice cream, cookies (especially Oreos and Girl Scout cookies), and basically any type of candy.

Snaccidents typically occur when the consumer is really hungry, which is often during the middle of the day or late at night. Also, the snack is most likely incredibly unhealthy but has an addictive taste.

Some other causes for snaccidents, include feeling depressed about a sad romantic development or boredom from not having anything to do. Also, just being lazy and not getting up to make an actual meal can lead to snaccidents.

Most people immediately regret finishing a whole snack in one sitting because it makes them feel physically unwell. It also makes them feel bad that they have such little self-control over their eating habits.


OMG, I just had a snaccident on the couch during the game. I'm gonna go take a nap now

Snaccident means an accidental consumption of an entire snack

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Updated October 4, 2019

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