What is a snacc?

An attractive person

A snacc is a person that is so attractive you want to eat him or her up like a delicious snack. The misspelling is on purpose, similarly to "thicc" and "thick," but it may also be spelled correctly as "snack."

Snacc became popular in the late-2010s, and you will most often see it used online, especially on social media where thirst traps run rampant. It is similar to the rocket and dime terms utilized for attractive individuals.

While the term is typically used as a noun, some may use it as an adjective the same way as "sexy." For example, "Daaang gurl, you lookin' snacc 2nite!"


George is a snacc tonite! I'm gonna gobble him up!

That snacc craving

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Updated December 29, 2020

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