What does SOAB stand for?

Son of a b****


SOAB is a variation of SOB, a derogatory term for someone exhibiting distasteful behavior. People commonly use it as an insult or an exclamation (probably about alarming actions).

You will most likely see angry and frustrated people use SOAB when texting or online when messaging or on social media. However, you might also see someone use it in an email, perhaps when describing a mean boss.

For example, you might message your coworker, "I can't believe that SOAB said that to her on her last day!" Or, you might see a politically-charged friend tweet, "I'm glad that SOAB is out of power. He can't mess up this country anymore."

Alternative use of SOAB

Sometimes, people may use SOAB as an endearing term for someone who does something unexpectedly lovely. For example, you might refer to your old college roommate as "that SOAB" after he surprisingly pays for your dinner.


I can't believe that SOAB lied to my face
What a goon!
Calling out Wordle as an SOAB
Calling out Wordle as an SOAB

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Updated October 11, 2022

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