What does MFB stand for?

Motherf***ing B****


When especially crass gamers or online chat users get upset, they may use MFB (motherf***ing b****) to express their frustration while circumventing swear filters. Often, MFB is used to insult a specific person, who "wronged" the person who typed MFB.

When should I use MFB?

Likely never. MFB is misogynistic and crude, so it is incredibly ill-mannered to call someone an MFB or even use the acronym in a more general sense. Instead, use a more fun and less derogatory exclamation, such as "Outrageous!," "Egads!," or "I can't believe it!"


That MFB beat me in Quake 4 again
Dude, you gotta chill

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Updated June 23, 2021

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