What does BFH mean in messages?

B**** from h***


BFH is a derogatory term for an insufferable woman. The BFH may be incredibly annoying, demanding, uncaring, self-centered, or all of those traits combined into one terrifying cocktail.

You will likely see BFH online in messages or when texting. Typically, people use it when complaining about a specific person. For example, your buddy's girlfriend may be incredibly annoying, and he texts you, "You up for gaming tonight? I need to get away from my BFH."

Understandably, some people resent the BFH acronym because of its harshness and vulgarity. So, be judicious when you use it.


I wouldn't hang out with her. She's a BFH
That's not very nice
I know... but it's true

Reaction to a BFH

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Updated February 27, 2023

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