Social Distancing

What is social distancing?

Isolating from other people

Social distancing is the act of isolating yourself or extending the distance between you and other people. It involves staying away from other people and avoiding public spaces.

Health officials may recommend social distancing to slow or prevent the spread of an infectious disease like influenza, Ebola, or the coronavirus (COVID-19). Examples include staying at least 6 feet (2 meters) away from other people in public, limiting the number of people in a space, and quarantining/isolating yourself in your house.

If the contagious disease becomes severe, more strict guidelines may be put in place. The government may close places where people often congregate, such as schools, workplaces, restaurants, malls, and stores to curb the spread.

"Social distancing" became prominent in early 2020 as a means to curb the spread and "flatten the curve" of COVID-19.


I am social distancing from my family because of COVID-19
Aaaaaand because you got in a fight with your sister
One of the benefits of social distancing is it's easier to find Waldo
One of the benefits of social distancing is it's easier to find Waldo

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Updated December 24, 2020

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