Soccer Mom

What does soccer mom mean?

A suburban mom whose world revolves around her kids

A soccer mom is a mother who lives in the suburbs and drives her kids around all day, every day. The term gained popularity in the 1990s to describe a woman that has put her career on hold and replaced her high heels with sneakers to run around with her kids.

A soccer mom's world revolves around her kids as she is commonly driving them (in her SUV or minivan) to different activities, with one of them usually being soccer practice. Because of the behavior of some spoiled soccer moms, the term has grown negative over the years to the point that being labeled a "soccer mom" is an insult.


Why didn't Karen join us tonight?
She had to go to one of her kids' plays
Wow she turned out to be a real soccer mom
Soccer mom license plate
Soccer mom license plate

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Updated June 28, 2016

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