What does it mean to WFH?

Work from home

WFH is an acronym that stands for "Work from home" or "Working from home." The acronym describes an occupation that allows an employee to conduct his or her work at home instead of the office.

Since the Internet allows users to work on and complete tasks remotely, WFH jobs around the globe have increased. These jobs may allow you to work full-time or a couple of days a week or a month.

WFH jobs are helpful in times of emergency, as well, like in the case of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak around the world. As governments implemented social distancing guidelines to curb the spread of the virus, a large percentage of the workforce was sent home to WFH (and some even chose to move to Zoom towns).

In order to effectively WFH, you need to have a certain skill set because it is very easy to get distracted when working where you live. You may get sidetracked by a spouse or kids, or by chores, like doing the laundry or washing dishes. Therefore, if you want to WFH, it's best to have a secluded space, like an office, where you can stay focused on your work tasks.


My job is now WFH due to COVID-19
That's cool that you get to be at home with the fam
Yeah, but my kids don't understand the "work" part.
Working from home often means more cat-bonding time
Working from home often means more cat-bonding time

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Updated October 20, 2020

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