What is sorta short for?

Sort of

Sorta is an abbreviation of "sort of," which people use to say that something or someone is like something else but not the same thing. For example, you might say a movie sequel is sorta like its predecessor or that a pizza roll tastes sorta like an actual piece of pizza.

Sorta comes from saying "sort of" quickly, where the "f" sound gets cut off. It is the same as the "kinda" abbreviation, which is short for "kind of." Most people use it in person when speaking fast or mumbling, but people may also send it online, in emails, and when texting.

Besides using the abbreviation to say that something is like something else, people also use it to say they like something but have some reservations about it or to say that something is somewhat accurate, but not entirely. For example, if you sorta like baseball, you may like it because of the home runs they hit, but don't really like how slow and long a game can be.


I sorta think I should do it but can't make up my mind
Tweet using sorta
Tweet using sorta

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Updated August 17, 2021

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